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This was a very weird little game. And I kind of love it. Was not sure what to expect apart from talking pumpkins but it actually creeped me out (especially those pig noises). A very enjoyable couple of minutes, I look forward to seeing what else you've done. 

Stay fantastic.

More of an experience than a game, it plays smoothly, you just go look at things, then you fall and everything ends. A cute game i enjoyed. Models were cute too. And the colors were nice.


Indeed, it's very much a 3 minute walking simulator! I'm currently developing my 2nd game, which unlike Solbone, will not be under a strict 30 day deadline, and as a result will feature a lot more.

Strange and macabre, I like strange and macabre! gave kind of an Orwellian vibe, despite the place being "run" by sentient pumpkins.

Weird but i loved it 'o' and that poor piggy :)

I'm glad you liked my very rudimentary effort at making a game! I am in the process of making a second game, which will be longer and have actual mechanics in it as opposed to just walking and listening to voices :)

cool :)

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I played your game and enjoyed it for the 3 ish minutes it lasted. I must say I think the story should have been expanded a little more since I barley learned anything about what was going on but it was fun to play nonetheless. (skip to 17:50)


Thank you, dude! Yeah it was tiny, as I wanted to keep to the original 30 day deadline, and it didn't help I had a fulltime job while making this. I had great people with me though as the voice actors I used did fantastic considering how amateur the production of this was on my end :)

This was weird as fuck and I loved it. Hope you work on more stuff.

Thank you kindly! I do have another weird game in development which I began before this jam event. I hope you like talking friendly dolls!

Ah yes, "friendly" dolls. Just like those "friendly" pumpkins ;) lol. Looking forward to it!