A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the Haunted PS1 community's Wretched Weekend Game Jam, this first person walking simulator features voice acting, and now includes subtitles. 

17 April 2020: Updated game to include subtitles, and fixed a bug involving the mouse not locking to screen.  Will make another update to replace some of the assets, and perform other minor elements.


WASD to move

Mouse to look

Space to jump

R to restart game

Escape to quit game 


Graphical assets and voice acting by myself

Music by Clement Panchout, who can be found here:


Models and environment textures made using Blender, and Krita. 

Character textures done using Substance Painter, with  the third partyPixel8r addon, made by @ActionDawg.


Created in Unity Engine, with Volumetric Light Beams, and Playmaker, being the addons used.

First person character controller made by Breogan Hackett:



My Friend Rattlemot Demo Subtitled 34 MB


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I thought it was pretty good, although a bit short.


Hi, I'm currently making a series where I play through every game submitted to the Wretched Weekend Jam, and yours was the 41st game I played!

This is a great entry to the jam, at first I thought it was quite short (if the ending I found is the actual ending you had in mind) but then I realised it was just a prelude demo, so that makes sense.
The monologues are well written, and the voice acting is great too, they're nice to listen to while going around the surreal setting. I look forward to more from this! Great work!

Here's the video for those interested (time stamps in description):


Well this has piqued my curiosity, will definitely be keeping an eye out for the full release. It's a very interesting concept and it's presented beautifully, I love how surreal the environment becomes the further you go along. 


That is very kind of you. Both of my games are jam submissions, with this one having been created in 3 days. I really want to get better and more in depth via mechanics such as the use of animations, and gameplay that is more than just basic camera controls.

It's a very long road ahead, as I have been self-learning since 2018, and am on my own for the majority of this, but I hope I can make something both spooky and enjoyable :)

Well what you've made so far is very enjoyable, I look forward to seeing how your games develop in the future :D 


Great writing. I liked how you took something that isn't conceptually scary to humans (plants growing through you), and put it through the frame of something that would be more threatened by it. That's a take on horror I'd like to see more games take. I liked the art too—it was a very stylish game. I'm looking forward to the full game.

Thank you a lot! I am doing a lot of models for the full version, with this jam being a sort of prequel demo, and ideally want a lot more game mechanics and animations involved for what I am creating.